Garces Trading Company in Philadelphia PA

Happy hour beer and bites

My friend lives in the Washington Square Park area of Philly, and there are plenty of places to go within walking distance. Yet, in all the time she's lived there since moving back to Philly after living in NY and VA, we haven't tried any. So, for her birthday, I thought we could take a stroll beginning from her apartment, and start off with happy hour at Garces Trading Company.

There are plenty of seating options at Garces, and with the lovely early summer weather, the outdoor section was quite lively. We went straight to the bar and sat ourselves close to the friendly bartender, disclosing to him that Garces was the first stepping stone in our night of celebration. The happy hour menu was limited, but sometimes that is not a bad thing. It eliminates the conundrum of choice. We could have had all four items on the eats menu at $5 a pop, if we really wanted to sample all, but instead we went with a complementary pairing of meatballs with margherita flatbread. 

Select beers were $4 and cocktails were $7. The bartender suggested Weyerbacher, which was as light and bright as the decor. Overall, it was a pleasant and easygoing experience-- which I suppose is the very definition of "happy hour". It also helped that it was early enough for the place to be flooded with sunlight.

I noticed there were chef's tasting menus available, at $40 or $55 per person with an option of a wine pairing at $20. I wish I had seen those beforehand, but hindsight is always 20/20, and I suppose there's always next time.

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