Surf Taco on the Jersey Shore

Think you can take on the Tsunami Challenge?

I really fell in love with Surf Taco, so much that I went for a repeat meal in less than a week. But instead of going back to Belmar, I took my family of four to the one in Long Branch for a change in scenery. I had no idea the quality of food would be so much different (ahem, subpar). My son rarely comes out with us anymore because he's technically an adult at age 22 with his own plans, and he said his burrito was bland. My daughter didn't like the soft taco shell, and the ground meat didn't look appetizing. The namesake Surf Taco didn't have the tomatoes like the one before. And there was no live band playing, and no bamboo curtains. If I'd never been to the one in Belmar, I wouldn't want to try any other Surf Taco.


The redeeming quality is that I noticed The Tsunami on the menu, which I didn't notice before. For $16.95, you get a triple-sized burrito stuffed with grilled chicken, rice, black beans, and lettuce, which is drizzled in sauce and topped with melted cheese. Sour cream, guacamole, and pico de gallo, all come included, but we asked for those on the side. The gastric monstrosity is served on a long platter with chips along the sides. This, too, was bland on the inside, but was saved by all the toppings. It was also a bargain.

We could've attempted the challenge, which would be to eat the entire thing alone in 15 minutes in order to get on the wall of fame (pictured above). I've seen one-pound burger challenges with no time limit, and even those looked daunting. There must've been at least 3 pounds to that Tsunami!

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--Original post from 5/17/14--

The namesake taco

After cycling 50 miles for Bike MS - Coast the Coast - what's a girl to eat? My team had a pre-ride carb-loading dinner the night before, and after the ride, more carbs is what I wanted. My riding partner was totally game. We kept seeing Surf Tacos along the route, but couldn't stop. Though we completed the 50 miles, we were actually one of the last to return to home base.

Between the two of us, however, we still ordered like lightweights. Just 3 tacos and a nacho dish. Granted, each taco was accompanied by a pile of chips, but I'd expected us to devour items from each section of the menu. We kept to a pescetarian theme, probably because we were along the shore. I enjoyed sitting in the largely American-Mexican place (versus Mexican-American) with a Hawaiian themed decor. There was a live band that started playing as soon as we sat down, which added to the excitement we already had. 

The namesake Surf Taco was basically breaded fish with dry slaw on top, inside a soft taco. I'm not complaining-- it was fresh and delicious-- I'm just describing it as best as I can. One special item we shared was a shrimp taco with mango salsa on it-- which surprised me nicely because (as a shrimp taco first-timer) I didn't expect large chunks of breaded shrimp. The nacho dish, with its generous toppings of beans, tomatoes, guacamole, and sour cream, did the job.

I shall return shortly with my daughter to try the burritos!

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