Kapadokya Mediterranean Grill in Monmouth Junction NJ

Small entrees are served with a small salad and rice or fries

My husband was north-bound to work and I was south-bound from my volunteer gig. We had seen the signs for this new place that took over Burrito Royale, in a small free-standing building with a gravel parking lot-- a place you would easily miss because it's off Route 1 in seemingly the middle of nowhere, surrounded by tall trees. It's actually a cute place with picnic tables on the side, if you don't mind the roaring traffic.

Grilled Mediterranean food is one of our favorites. There's just not a lot of it around us. Since it was lunch time, we ordered small entrees which included a small salad and rice or fries. My husband picked a lamb gyro with fries, and I had a chicken kebab with rice. A large entree probably would've included two kebab sticks, rather than just one.

The server gave us a dip to sample that wasn't included on the menu, but despite many attempts, I couldn't make out the name of it. It had shredded carrots and crushed garlic mixed in with yogurt. It went well with the pita bread and with the chicken. I told my husband I could picture myself eating an entire tub of that dip-- that's how much I loved it.

For dessert, I asked the server if he could include two types of sweets instead of just one, and he was nice enough to split it. We got two pieces of baklava and two of sobiyet, rather than just four of one. We love baklava, but the sobiyet is now a new favorite, filled with milk cream and pistachios.

Baklava and sobiyet

Kapadokya is a really cute and casual place, and you can order out or have a sit-down meal. Prices are good for the grilled meats that you are getting, service is pleasant, and despite the fast paced setting, the food is served on real dinnerware, with silverware. Our total before tip was about $24 for two small entrees, one dessert, and one bottle of Coke. If for some reason, you don't want any of the Mediterranean fare, they also offer burgers and fries on the menu.

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