Sigiri in Edison NJ

Rice & beef curry combo

A friend invited us out to a Sri Lankan restaurant in Edison, near Menlo Park mall, and having never tasted nor blogged this type of cuisine before, I was game. I looked at the menu beforehand, and not really understanding several of the offerings, I Googled and learned that Sri Lankan cuisine is close to South Indian food, using different spices and in some cases is even spicier.

Sigiri is a small place in a tiny strip mall. If you are driving down on 27, you may just miss it if you weren't looking for it specifically. It was freezing outside, but it was very warm inside with the aroma of the cooking and the color scheme of deep yellows and oranges. It's also a BYOB place, so we came prepared.

I introduced our group to the server as first timers, and we were given a picture menu! I picked the rice & beef curry combo because it had the most items on the plate and my husband picked a specialty called lamprais-- a steamy combination of rice, chicken, veggies, cooked in chicken broth, wrapped and served inside banana leaves. My friend ordered chicken curry (extra spicy) and our other friend ordered lamb curry. So between the four of us, we had a good taste of what Sigiri had to offer.

Oddly, my dish was the cheapest yet the most decorated with four types of veggies around the rice. Without the combo, the entrees come with rice only, but the viand is a slightly larger portion. The lamprais was good, but I prefer to have rich sauces, like curry, on my rice. They proved also that they can spice it up or take it down, from the different levels of mild (beef), medium (lamb), and spicy (chicken), we had at our table.

There were only three desserts offered, and we ordered a safe dessert (flan) and something new called watalappam, made with coconut milk, condensed milk, nuts, and spices. It had a weird texture and I would've liked it better without the spices, but that's just me. I like my desserts sweet and can tolerate savory, but never spicy!

Watalappam (top right) and Chicken Lamprais (bottom right)

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