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My friend wanted to spend the day indulging on Fat Tuesday, as she was only to have one meal on Ash Wednesday. I met her for lunch at Destination Dogs, and it was the first time for both of us. I had done my research the night before, and was smitten by the background: friends with love of food and travel who came together to share their passion with the rest of us!

The place was formerly Doll's Place, a large space with high ceilings, tall tables, and a wraparound bar. It gave an unexpected ambiance for the dressed-up hot dogs I was expecting, but the service pulled it together. Entrees came on metal trays and paper-- a style I am still trying to figure out. The large selection of beers definitely go well with the fare, and they make their own soda, too.

The specialty dogs are named after domestic and international destinations, hence the restaurant name. I was tempted to get the Scarlet Bite, just because we were in New Brunswick, but instead I ordered the Oscar from California, in honor of the recent awards ceremony. Besides, it had interesting ingredients: chicken sausage stuffed in house, topped with avocado and chipotle mayo. My friend got the Howlamo from Texas, which had wild boar sausage (also made in house) with pork belly and baconaisse.

Dogs are cradled in pressed bread, which was better than boring old buns. They come with a side of homemade potato chips, and there's a good selection of sides if you want something extra. I initially ordered the cucumber & dill salad on their specials menu, but they were out-- so I randomly went with deviled eggs, which were just okay.

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our food-- it was a lot of fun!-- and we even sat at our table well after we finished our meal because we liked the vibe. If not for the difficult parking situation, I'd meet with friends here again and again.

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monchichi said...

I really want to go back again. There were a lot of interesting things on the menu and plus you need to try their cucumber & dill salad.

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