Eno Terra in Kingston NJ

Piccolo Salumi & Formaggi

What better way for a food lover (me) and wine lover (my husband) to celebrate Love Day than at Eno Terra? I seriously wanted to sing-- You are so beautiful to me... You're everything I hoped for, You're everything I need-- to the parade of food! I was lovestruck like never before.

To maximize our experience, we ordered both Pranzo a Presto (three course lunch) and a la carte. I had Pinot Grigio to pair with my seafood dish, and my husband had Montepulciano with his bolognese. 

The server chose prosciutto and sopresatta with gorgonzola and local aged cheddar for our starter, which was delightful with the orange chutney and honey, and the salumi was freshly sliced. The anchovy had a slippery texture and sour taste that wasn't for me, but the greens were surprising and delightful. The bucatini noodles were fun and, with its rich sauce and heap of fresh parsley, it provided a nice departure from the typically one-note watery white clams-over-linguini. The bolognese had an earthy flavor and its heartiness really hit it home.

We shared a creme brulee at the end and capped it all off with coffee. It was a really special meal for a very special day. I also appreciate that the staff was attentive and not pretentious nor snobbish, which they certainly can afford to be.

Sweet Kale Caesar Salad

Bucatini Vongole

Strozzapreti & Veal Bolognese

I urge whoever is reading this, to read about Eno Terra's story, because "farm to table" isn't just a trend here. The Eno Terra Canal Farm right on the premises provides a produce bounty for three seasons, and the rest is provided by local farmers, fishermen, beef and poultry producers-- which makes their dishes unique to their place. Sitting inside what was once a general store in the centuries' old town of Kingston is also an experience unto itself.

Lastly, I cannot speak about the depth and breadth of their wine selection, and when my husband tried explaining it, my eyes just glazed over and it felt like I had cotton in my ears! But from what I gather, the name of the restaurant is derived from the word "enoteca" (wine encyclopedia), and that this place lives up to its name. If you sit by the bar, you'll get a nice view of their collection encased in floor to ceiling glass walls.

Coconut Creme Brulee

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