Corner Bakery Cafe

Anaheim (bottom) and chicken apple sausage panini (top),
with lentil soup

My husband and I tried this place for the first time, located at Market Fair Mall. It popped up about the same time that the Barnes & Noble was renovated next door. I actually thought it was part of the bookstore, but it isn't. There's an entrance on the corner outside the mall, and the interior entrance faces the entrance of Big Fish. I like the juxtaposition of the two: casual and high-end eats, depending on your mood.

So, you order at the counter and if you are dining in, they give you a number to put on your table. Food is served on real dinnerware and busboys clean up after diners, so even if it's fast-casual, there is still a good amount of customer service. The only thing that is self-serve is your drink. There's a good selection of seats from booths to tables, some more private than others. I liked the walnut color of the wooden decor. I chose to sit near the counter so I could peruse the menu while we waited for our food, which didn't take long.

It was after noon but it was the first meal of the day, so we opted for the breakfast panini sandwiches. They were out of breakfast potatoes and oatmeal by this time, but we wanted the fruit medley anyway. For $1 more, you can add these, and the fresh fruit is definitely worth more than that. My husband sampled the zesty chicken tortilla soup, but opted for the three lentil instead. It had an Indian spice flavor, which was a nice surprise.

I actually ordered an avocado & spinach "power panani thin" but since the cashier heard me wrong, he rung up an Anaheim panini instead. I tried to correct it, but the manager was already serving our food so I just told him of the discrepancy. I was willing to eat the wrong sandwich, as it looked good (though a little too heavy) but the manager insisted on giving me the right one. It came out right away, and the thin panini really hit the spot. I avoid breakfast meats because they are usually processed, so I really enjoyed the simple egg, avocado, and spinach combination. The manager wrapped up the other panini for me to try and take home, and even offered one of their sweet baked goods, which I declined.

All in all, a really good first experience at a new place. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with pasta options, a whole lot of desserts, and coffee, too, so I can try something new every time I go.

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