Moo in Ottsville PA

Very rarely do I find good food on roads less traveled by. But, thank goodness, such was not my luck on this rainy day. My husband had been curious about Frenchtown, but the weather was so dreary that we could not walk around town, so we just set off to take photos along the river, and up and over the bridges. There were not many eateries that stood out in the vicinity of Frenchtown, so we just focused on enjoying the scenery.

When we got hungry, I did a quick search for nearby places to eat, and Moo came up. The few reviews I read were positive, but what drew me in was the notion of it being a Mom & Pop burger shop. It was empty when we got there, and we soon learned it was only because of the weather. There's no way this place isn't packed otherwise-- based on the quality of the food alone, local and no doubt organic.

The menu is really very simple. I didn't count more than 10 items on it. We went with a regular burger and a Moink burger with bacon, with regular fries and the chili slathered Freedom fries. It was quite messy to eat, and you really need to eat with your hands, and just like the famous chicken-- it was finger lickin' good.

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