La Catena in Bridgewater NJ

I attended a private lunch at La Catena in Bridgewater, which has quite a lot of nice restaurants but are unfortunately hidden or downgraded by their location on busy highways such as Route 22. So I was happy to have been invited here!

The private dining room was very cozy and perfect on such a cold, damp, and wet winter day. The other diners were are enchanted as my husband and I were, with everyone's eyes lighting up and looking around at the decor. Behind us was a fun wine display with many corks just piled up haphazardly and adorned with large bottles of wine, which speak of the volume of wine consumed here.

For starters, we had a nicely crisp salad and penne amatriciana, which was individually sized and had fresh tomato, basil, and small bits of bacon. My husband had lamb osso bucco, a special for the day, which was delightfully tender that it fell off the bone with the slightest touch of his fork. My polo fiorentina was a lot heavier, with a rich sauce and mozzarella cheese draped on top of it, and even the clump of spinach was heavy! It was a nice contrast to my husband's dish, and a good choice if you have a big appetite.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and provided much needed warmth on a dreary day.

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