Buttons Creperie

Ashamedly, I am a latecomer to the farmers market in Trenton, and even more amashedly, I am a latecomer to Buttons. Unfortunately, I am the only one who got the short end of the stick, having missed this gem in all the years I've lived in central Jersey.

I love that the crepes are served on real plates. That little touch goes a long way, and it's usually a peeve of mine to eat good food on disposables. Buttons offers an array of sweet and savory crepes, from bare bones (butter & sugar) to heavy hitters (chicken with veggies). We tried two savories: basil, tomato, and mozzarella, and chicken with veggies; and one sweet: nutella with bananas. The counterperson makes crepes to order, and you can watch as your dish goes from batter to crepe in a few minutes.

Buttons also offers other items including panini and baked goods. They have four small tables in their nook at the market. It's a real treat to see all the love they put into their decor, and even more fun to know the backstory of two best friends dreaming up a creperie.

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Lauren Sabogal said...

Just came across this blog! It made our week when we saw how much you enjoyed Button's Creperie! Thanks for coming in and adding us to your blog!!!! -Lauren Sabogal, Owner of Button's Creperie

m. said...

The pleasure was mine! I usually go to Halo Farm in the evening, so unfortunately, the famers market is always closed by then. I'll have to make my weekly trip earlier so I can try more crepes :) Best of luck to your business!

Anonymous said...

had my first crepe this week-end @ Buttons - the Ricotta but asked for fresh strawberries inside instead of the chocolate chips...chocolate crepe, ricotta, fresh strawberries, with chocolate chips on the outside and powder sugar...YUM! Will be back :)

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