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Let's face it-- good, ethnic food is hard to come by in New Jersey. Unless you are in-the-know and willing to drive far to these places, you are out of luck. There just aren't as many good food trucks that are staples in NYC streets.

I've driven past Think Grill for a long, long time, and never thought to stop there. For one, it looked like KFC on the outside, and its name doesn't exactly tell you what kind of food they serve. On another, I don't like fast food chains of any sort.

Only when a Groupon was available, did I finally see that while it certainly is a fast food place, it is also a Greek place. How fun is that? A fast food Greek restaurant. So off we went to give it a try, with our coupon in hand.

The place was nice, bright, and clean inside, with Rutgers colors of red and black. The staff were all very friendly, and pretty much tripped over each other on who would get to serve us. The menu was big, and every section had something enticing. We ended up just getting gyros served two ways, one as a sandwich (for me) and as a platter (for my husband). My daughter had mac & cheese. Sides are not listed on the menu because they change daily.

Though food trucks are fun, too, I don't eat from those anymore because their cleanliness is questionable. I'm glad Think Grill is around. We plan to come back and try their chargrilled and rotisserie offerings next time. Prices are decent even without the Groupon!

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