Molto Bene in Cranbury NJ

Polenta Fritta (fried polenta)

Insalata di Rucola (arugula, gorgonzola, figs, and almonds)

We celebrated my friend's birthday here, before we went to Atlantic City to celebrate some more. She liked this place when we went for brunch one weekend, and AC is one of her favorite places. Our group of four were all okay with family-style dining, which I like best so that I can taste everything on the table!

Not everything we ordered is pictured because dinnertime is not a good time for photos. For starters, we had fried polenta, roasted corn fritters, and roasted mozzarella. Everything tasted and looked differently from you'd expect. The polenta was shaped in thick triangles-- crunchy on the outside, with the nice cornmeal consistency on the inside. The mozzarella looked more like a mini-cheese plate, adorned with prosciutto rolls, balsamic drizzle, and bookended with pita. 

We ordered two large plates of chicken meatballs over pasta, which was nicely spiced with chili flakes, and grilled shrimp over decadent risotto that had mascarpone cheese. The sausage pizza added more carbs, protein, and cheese (goat), to the table.

For dessert, we ordered both tiramisu and the same bread pudding as pictured in previous post. It is one of my favorites! Along with the iced coffee cubes shaped like pills, which read "chill pill" with an odd-numbered dosage, if you look closely.

Take a "Chill Pill"!

---Original post below from 6/22/13---

This is a really delightful place to visit. The previous establishment was a Chinese restaurant, and that was delightful as well, so I'm thankful this is a worthwhile replacement.

I've gone several times for brunch, lunch, and dinner, but have never gotten around to writing a review. I think the photos speak for themselves as to the top-notch quality of the food, from its ingredients to presentation. The small portions are good as individual servings, or perfect for sharing when you order 3 or more. I would also recommend visiting the place more than once so you can sample everything on the menu, because they are all good. Pictured are: panini, shrimp risotto, salted caramel dessert, and sunny side egg over focaccia-- on two separate occasions. The egg was recommended by the server, because I told him I didn't have a big appetite that day, but wanted something filling.

It's a BYOB place, so bring a good bottle. Iced coffee is served with coffee iced cubes, so it is good to the last drop.

My only complaint is the high-top tables & stools. Not very comfortable if you aren't young and fit, or just afraid of falling! The seats by the window are the coziest, and during the warmer months you can sit outside. There is also free wi-fi so it serves as a high-end alternative to sitting in a place like Starbucks.

Raspberry strudel with flavored iced & hot coffees

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