Modo Mio

Years ago, Modo Mio was one of the suggestions my friend made for a good prix fixe dinner in Philly. Years later, we finally went together, though the premise was the same: $35 for four courses (menu turista), cash only, BYOB.

We brought a bottle of rioja, with its bold flavors from aged grapes, to go with the equally bold flavors of the authentic Italian offerings at Modo Mio. Whether you order off the menu turista or a la carte, the portions remained the same-- perfect portions so that one individual can go through four courses without busting a gut.

Our picks for antipasti were the special crab cake and carpaccio; pasta picks were risotto and special gnocchi; secondi picks were prosciutto wrapped trout and lamb; and for dessert, we had tiramisu and pear tart.

My friend had no complaints, though I did have a couple. The fruit chutney atop my crabcake overpowered the delicate crab, so I ate them separately. Same for the prosciutto that was too salty and heavy for the trout, though I did like the surprising taste combination of the mushrooms and strawberries.

Aside from the above, it was a pleasant dining experience. The service was light and sweet, and you can really taste the TLC in their in-house baked breads and desserts.

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