Rhong Tiam

It was a good day and I wanted to celebrate. Rhong Tiam had been around for a while, but I just never had any reason to dine in that area of Plainsboro, which has a general Asian market, an Indian market, an Indian bakery, an Indian restaurant, and a pizzeria. In short, I had little to no expectations from Rhong Tiam.

Good thing I was craving Thai food and that I remembered this place, because we would've gone to Princeton and missed out on a great opportunity. As soon as I stepped into Rhong Tiam's small foyer, I was transported to a place not associated with Plainsboro... urban chic. The interior design is outstanding, with concrete and pebbles in the floor, deep colored woods, and bubblegum pops of color.

We ordered two lunch specials priced at $10 each and came with hot & sour soup. I ordered the pineapple fried rice because it included shrimp, scallops, squid, cashew nuts, and raisins. I was happily surprised when it came, as it was fragrant and flavorful. My husband ordered beef with crispy basil leaves. It was fun because of the texture, and sweet in taste, which is typical for some Thai dishes. The only disappointment was that it was ground beef.

I scoped out the party room because this is definitely a place I will return to for a special occasion. The manager said we can order a la carte or plan a special party menu. Always a plus is that it is BYOB!

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Anonymous said…
i LOVE LOVE LOVE this restaurant!!