Stelton Pizza

This place wasn't part of the plan at all. I had picked an Asian fusion place with wifi so that I could hang out with my laptop while I waited for my friend. Well, that place closed at 3pm because of shorter summer hours. The place next door looked shabby, so in the heat outside, I sat with my engine running to keep the AC on until my friend could suggest another place.

Stelton Pizza was up the road, so that's where we ended up parking ourselves. I had heard good things about this place, but I don't really go to this part of Piscataway, so I was glad to check it out. Upon entry, it struck me with its quirky 1970's charm of its wood paneling and 1980's slender black & mauve chairs. We sat in a booth since it was empty when we got there, and just one other table occupied when left.

The waitress was quirky, too. She was young and unsure, but was attentive without being overbearing, so our needs were met in a timely manner with a bunch of chuckles in between. She inspired me to go off the menu with meatballs in vodka sauce on angel hair pasta. My friend went with sausages in meat sauce. There was a Monday night special, but since I couldn't finish my food, I took the rest of it home and just paid full price.

Now onto the food! There was a sign outside that challenged diners to compare their food to that of chains. I wish more folks would take up this challenge because there is a lot to be said about local Italian places. Stelton Pizza offers up a humble flair that best matches its food, beginning with warm bread and butter, leading up to comforting pasta, and could end with a freshly filled cannoli, if you so desire. Aside from the molten lava cake, the other desserts are frozen then thawed, so I'd skip those.

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