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Astoria has a good representation of Queens' melting pot. My brother tried this place the other day with friends and invited us for a quick bite. Mostly he was impressed by the overall freshness of the food, not to mention the neat place as well. Usually you'd find this type of fare sold in food trucks, but Foodoni brings this ethnic comfort food up a few notches.

The savory options come in "pita" and "plate" sizes, similar to "lunch" and "dinner" sizes.  We got just the pita sizes that didn't go over $6, but sadly the fries were smushed inside the pitas, rather than served on the side.

Chicken souvlaki & Pork donner
I have to say that what impressed me most was the dessert selection. Usually, small joints will offer just up to three dessert choices, but Foodoni offers more than I can remember. They had the basic baklava, but the walnut cake looked enticing. It is one dessert that definitely tastes better than it looks, but could probably stand some more improvement if served a la mode.

If I ever go back, it will be for the desserts only. I eyed several food trucks in surrounding corners, and while I enjoyed Foodoni's fare, I think I'd much prefer saving any future trips for the real treats.

Walnut cake for $3.50

Child size pizza for $2.99

Exterior & Interior

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