Tick Tock Diner

For a state that's well known for its diners, it sure was hard to find a 24-hour diner around Newark Airport. A quick search for diners pulled up a handful of diners that closed by 10pm. I was looking for a place where my family and I could meet up after my sister's flight from London came in. It had to be open past midnight.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Zagat's list of 24-hour places which interestingly had only 3 places, but were all interesting places I'd be interested in checking out. The first one that caught my eye was White Mana, but it seemed like a neighborhood my family would not go to at any hour. Then there was a Korean restaurant, and though that's a cuisine I love, it wouldn't have satisfied our cravings for diner food. Which left us with Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, on a busy road with bright lights and a large parking lot.

I had high hopes for this place upon entry. It looked neat, clean, with a nice orange color scheme. The cookies on display were larger than the palm of my hand. I had peeked at the vast menu online, and reading it again at the diner was just as enticing. Unfortunately, my stomach wasn't as big as my appetite, so mostly I picked at the random things my family ordered.

True to Filipino form, we ordered corned beef hash. My sister ordered a French dip roast beef sandwich. My son ordered a triple decker chicken club. My dad ordered a burger, but it was not photogenic. At the table, we had three kinds of potatoes: hash, steak fries, and waffle fries. 

Although I was snap happy at Tick Tock, the only good things we ordered were the fried items. Because, really, it's pretty hard to mess up fries and calamari. The roast beef was dry, the chicken was dry, and the burger was not only un-photogenic, it was also... dry. The waitress also poured us refills of hot tea, when our original order was coffee. 

Honestly, the food was so bad, I even lost my appetite for dessert. And I had such high hopes for  getting cannoli and cheesecake, too. Sigh.

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