Photo update from Sunday lunch with family, to celebrate my nephews' birthdays. Everything was delicious. We ordered Thai iced tea and Thai iced coffee with tapioca; most places don't serve it with tapioca, so that was a treat. We dined family style on a variety of appetizers: chicken satay, fried calamari; and noodles: drunk man, pad thai, egg noodles; and other great dishes: curry chicken and curry shrimp, honey pork, garlic chicken, and crispy pork. I'm sure there was more, but I can't remember them all. There was not a bad note in any of the dishes we ordered, and despite our large group of 30, service was fairly smooth.

* Original post below from June 14, 2012 *

Last week, a friend texted me to ask if this place was worth standing on line for. I told her to just go back another day, preferably any day from Monday-Thursday. I hadn't been there for over two years, and last I recall, I wasn't too impressed. But her husband was adamant in waiting on line, and about an hour later, she texts to tell me it was good and that she'd go back again.

When my sister suggested it to our dad for his birthday, I got a little squeamish. Of all the places, why this one, after I had just gave a less than stellar review of it to someone else? The draw for my family was the same as the others... fun, lively joint, with outdoor seating in a garden with a fountain, plus good, cheap food.

Actually, when I got out to the back, I kind of felt like I was in the Philippines, with the plastic tablecloth and the humidity. The menu was pretty extensive, and I was thankful for being an early bird in a party of 14. I was starting to realize why this place is so popular, though I was resistent. And I was kind of disappointed that we had brought a cake because it meant I couldn't try any of the desserts listed on three pages in the back of the menu, including black sticky rice in coconut milk.

Pictured below is just a sampling of what we ordered. I not only was unable to take pictures of everything, but sadly, I wasn't able to taste everything either.

Starters: fried calamari, papaya salad, curry beef puffs, fried egg rolls

Fried whole red snapper with ginger sauce

Shrimp pad Thai, crunchy pork, sausage dish, pad see ew

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