Farmicia in Philly

One of my friend's favorite restaurants is Farmicia, so for her birthday, we celebrated there. I myself had wanted to check it out since seeing it on Restaurant Week, plus of course I'd heard rave reviews from my friend. On their website, they announce BYOB every night, though there is no mention of this when you're at the restaurant. So good thing I checked ahead of time! We brough an Alta Vista Premium Malbec from 2008, that was a gift from another friend.

With three adults and one child at the table, we went with the relatively safe cheese plate that featured a nice chutney with cow's milk cheddar, sheep's milk feta cheese, and a smoked goat's milk. Farmicia serves artisanal bread throughout the day, starting with breakfast, and for dinner I tried their baguette toast and multigrain slices. Even the seasoned butter was yummy!

While my daughter went with a cheeseburger without the fixin's, we ordered fish, poultry, and beef, to get a taste of everything: crisp tilapia with spinach and potatoes, duck breast with hominy, and rib eye with asparagus and mashed potatoes. I'm not usually a fan of duck, but the sauce and crunchy skin made this dish delectable. I loved the side of hominy also, making it humble and comforting.

At first, I thought Farmicia was a play on the word "pharmacy," which did not sound very appetizing. But I now realize it's simply a reference to the farm flair & freshness that all their dishes have to offer.

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