Sultan Wok in Highland Park

I've never set foot inside Sultan Wok, but my co-workers swear by its delivery. We've sampled different neighboring establishments that deliver for lunch, and I'd have to say this was good enough to blog about. I'm almost embarrassed to say this was the first time I tried it.

Their website is pretty extensive, and you can place your order online ahead of time, or call right when they open at 10:30am (which is what I did). The menu boasts Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Malaysian cuisines. I'm sure most, if not all, of their dishes are Americanized, but that is what happens when a business needs to cater for taste, efficiency, and price. 

Only the Japanese and Chinese menus offer lunch specials. Chinese food is a dime a dozen, so I went with a bento box. Normally, I wouldn't eat anything raw, but I was pretty adventurous in ordering Bento Box C-- which included a shrimp tempura roll wrapped in salmon. For $9.99, I also got miso soup, spoonfuls of seaweed salad & crab salad, crab siumai, an ebi & unagi sushi, and a dragon roll.

Perhaps I will try their Thai menu next time. The Malaysian menu was so short, I think I'll pass on that one.

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