Daddy's Southern Kitchen in Bloomfield

The "D" in DSK can also stand for Darryl, the proud owner of the newly opened Southern restaurant in Bloomfield. It is a welcome addition to the already diverse offerings on Broad Street, around the corner from the college. While your order is cooking, let Darryl chat you up and walk you through the menu for the next time you visit-- because there will be a next time!

I was quite excited to see oxtail so readily available on the menu. It's not a common meat in most places, but common enough in Filipino, Latin, and Southern cuisine, so when I see it, it definitely strikes that "comfort food" chord. DSK offers it in a style that is cross-cultural with its glistening broth, chunks of potatoes, and a smidgen of tomatoes. The meat is so tender that there is no need to pick it off the bone, it comes right off!

We also tried the fried pork chops, which had a crisp taste without being too salty. The salmon croquettes had a nice texture that was akin to crab cakes, but with the flavor of salmon. And between my husband, daughter, and myself, we sampled different sides, including mac & cheese, green beans, collard greens, corn, cornbread, potato salad, and rice. Homemade mac is always good, and DSK's peppery version was my favorite.

The desserts come in single-serve cups, and at $1 a pop, you can try them all in one sitting. I loved the peach cobbler, while my daughter was happily surprised by the banana pudding. For a 9-year-old, my girl is very picky, so you better believe this place is good!

So what are my picks for next time? Seafood & fish fry on a Friday, and I'm making sure I don't miss the sweet potato fries that caught my eye a little too late.

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