Samurai Mama in Willy B

Double date night with one of our favorite couples brought us to what our companions lovingly call "Willy B"-- or Williamsburg, for those of us not in the know. For starters, we had wine and beer at the bar, where we were served by a Japanese Rosie the Riveter. At the table, we had gyoza and a special "taco" with nuts in it. Pretty tasty, if you ask me!

Samurai Mama offers authentic udon served three different ways with a special broth not found elsewhere. I opted for Bukkake (cold noodles, with a poached egg and hot broth on the side) and my husband went traditional with all his ingredients in a big hot bowl. There's also a dipping style udon, that we'll have to try next time. It tickled me that I was having authentic Japanese food... so many Japanese places are so Americanized or plain mangled by fusion-happy owners.

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