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We were walking along Nassau Street on a lazy weekday, and hoping to stop at our favorite place, Calico Grill, now that the weather is warmer, but alas-- it was taken over by Taste of Mexico.  I guess it was on the verge of closing when we last visited.  We did often wonder how they stayed in business, since there was never more than one other table occupied during lunch time.

We had been to Taste of Mexico on North Harrison Street, and that was way back when were still new to NJ.  I wasn't bowled over then, having been spoiled by the cheap and diverse offerings of NYC.  Everything in Princeton was just overpriced, and this was no exception.  We never did go back, but we decided to give this new site a try.

What grabbed us was the lunch special-- a choice of entree, with unlimited chips and three different kinds of salsa.  Granted, most Mexican places offer this deal, but with only one salsa choice.  I went with a chicken tamale dish, while my husband went with simpler tacos.  Everything on the plate was saturated with color, but thankfully, not saturated with salt.

Service was excellent and as cheery as the food.  The owner himself comes out to greet and serve the customers.  Which would explain the nearly packed establishment, at one o'clock on a weekday, unlike its predecessor.

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