Rego Park Cafe

I lived in Rego Park for almost two decades, but can count the times I've been to this diner on one hand.  I think, between Georgia Diner, and then Pop Diner, there was little reason to go to this particular diner-- a literal hole in the wall that's the size of a boxcar and populated by blue-collar workers and senior locals.

The breakfast specials are typical, varied, and priced just right-- and include everything you need for a "big breakfast" like has browns, heavily buttered toast, coffee, and juice.  I went with my staple corned beef hash and poached eggs-- my favorite oxymoron of greasy and healthy.

Now that I've been away from Queens for five years, I can appreciate Rego Park Cafe's charm for what it is.  From its shiny vinyl booths, its pink walls, and the diners that bring the decor further to life.

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