If you are familiar with the area where Fushimi is located, you would never guess that this Japanese fusion place is actually very chic.  Inside the curtains keep it romantically dark, so whether it's night or day outside, you'll always feel like you've escaped the urban jungle just outside.

My friends took me to check out their lunch special which was well-priced at $10 for 5 courses: soup, salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert.  My beef negimaki came with a California roll, and for dessert we had a choice of ice cream.  They even gave an extra scoop for my daughter to share with me.

Aside from the quality of the food, the decor is also something extraordinary.  I couldn't help but notice that one wall is adorned with glorified comfort women (geisha), though I'm sure that's not what other people think instantly about.  The bold color choices, room division, and furniture, really make for a good first impression that continues to grow into adoration.

Though I wouldn't equate the Jersey Shore cast with good taste, apparently, they are also fans of Fushimi.  I really, really liked the place and am now a fan as well.

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