French Quarter Buffet

I'm a self-titled glutton, so I'm not afraid to admit that I <3 buffets.  It also goes without saying that I <3 good buffets, which is why I'd prefer to eat at Borgata and nowhere else on or near the boardwalk.  But, on this day, my arm was practically twisted when my family asked if we could eat at Showboat since we were already there, and with five kids in tow, it was preferable to stay there.

I vaguely remembered a reviewer saying they'd only eat at French Quarter if they were comped, which says a lot.  But I sucked it up for the sake of spending time with family-- which included my parents, siblings, and their kids.  Lo and behold, the set-up of French Quarter was reminiscent of the buffet at Borgata, down to the dessert station with their two-bite desserts that included red velvet cupcakes and mango shooters.

The food was pretty good, too.  Their char-grilled steaks offered well-done for me, medium for my sister-in-law, and rare for my husband.  They had plenty of seafood choices for the rest of the family, though their official seafood days are Fridays and Saturdays.  Plus a range of cuisines for finicky eaters, which of course includes creole in honor of their moniker.

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