Charlie Brown's

My husband was feeling reminiscent on his birthday and wanted to visit a Charlie Brown's.  The one by us had long closed down, and the list of closed sites had been growing throughout the past few years.  So it was somewhat of a treasure hunt to find a good one... not only open, but in a nice location to spend a special occasion.

This was my first time at Charlie Brown's, as I'm not a steak fan.  The drive through Metuchen's main street was definitely a great prelude to the restaurant, which was located in a quaint residential area.  Aside from being nearly mauled over by a senior driver in the parking lot, every other part of the experience was charming.  It was broad daylight outside, but the dark wood inside was an instant mood changer, and with the Christmas decor inside it was magical.

The seating was very old school, and the carpet looked like it was from the original days-- not a good thing, of course!  We were seated in a booth with lumpy seats, but I appreciated the retro decor.  My daughter ordered her mainstay of grilled cheese & fries, my son had the hibachi chicken sandwich (interestingly spicy), I had the reuben with sweet potato fries, and the birthday boy had the skirt steak enveloping mashed potatoes.  If my friend was there, she'd have said I was a true Filipino ordering my corned beef!

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