Orange Smoke

This place was suggested by a fellow blogger (thanks!) and thankfully, I finally had the opportunity to see it for myself.  My friend and I had made the rounds in this mini strip mall, having gone to Applebee's, Thai Basil, and our favorite, Chand Palace.  Now that we're done with Orange Smoke, we may decide to cross over to the other side of Centennial Ave.!

I did not really know what to expect when I walked in.  The chic decor of orange walls and black faux leather seats on the stools and the booths could be misleading.  When we got to the cashier, I told him we were first timers, and he told us the ordering procedure which sounded very much like the one at Five Guys.  But then a couple of toppings caught my eye that would prove Orange Smoke is not just your average burger place.  I ordered the petite 3 oz. burger with crumbled bleu cheese, grilled mushrooms, and OSB sauce (a mildly spiced mayo sauce), with a side of onion rings.  The cashier said he'd bring out our order when it was ready.

When our order arrived, I knew why we had to sit first.  It's because the burger really needs an entrance.  Like most good foods, it was served simply so that you can really appreciate the aesthetic of the food itself.  The bun was shiny, but not greasy, and puffy, but not heavy.  The onion rings were a little oily, but that's expected.  At the table was cajun seasoning, also called Orange Smoke Dust.  It gave a nice flavor, but you really have to shake a lot on your food to taste it.

After we make our rounds of the eateries in the surrounding area, we plan to make a list of places to go back to.  Thai Basil is not on this list at all, but you can bet that Orange Smoke is right up there with Chand Palace.

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