Tomo Sushi

I love cool and rainy weather, but I don't like dampness nor humidity.  The weather really dragged down any desire to have lunch, and it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to go out with me.  I finally convinced my son to come out by narrowing our lunch choices to Chinese, Thai, or Japanese.  They are all very comforting foods for us.  So we parked on the corner of Nassau and Olden Streets in Princeton where we could have our pick of the above.  If all else failed, we could even go with hoagies, roast chicken, Indian, or Mexican all on the same corner.

We walked to Thai Village and ruled it out because, though I could eat pad Thai, they did not have the sesame beef that my son usually gets.  We ruled out Ivy Garden because I'd prefer a Chinese buffet than a sit-down.  Then Tomo Sushi was staring at us with its unassuming signage and open door.  My son said he had been there before and liked it, and I had never been there myself and am always up for trying something new.

There are very few seats inside, and the lone round table was occupied, which left us to eat on bar stools on a narrow plank of wood by the window.  It was very cozy and reminiscent of my college days, eating simply, eating on the fly, eating on the cheap-- though nothing in Princeton is ever cheap.  Since the place was small, we warmed up quickly and felt safe from the gloomy weather outside.  Inside, the scene was very Princetonian with some girl wearing hunter green rainboots and guys looking like they stepped out of a J. Crew magazine.  I thought for sure that the sushi chef and owner were authentically Japanese, but I was let down when I heard them speak Chinese.  Darn.  It would've been perfect otherwise.

I ordered an oyako don with chicken breast chunks, napa cabbage, and an undercooked egg.  My son went with his staple of chicken katsu and California roll.  He criticized the broccoli accompanying the katsu; he always questions why restaurants pair katsu with broccoli when the bed of cabbage would suffice.  But he appreciated the soup & salad which was included in the lunch price, while I appreciated the table service at an otherwise take-out place.

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Anonymous said…
Thanks for the review. Thank god for Ajihei.