Pho Ha in Philly

It's a real shame that the steam of a bowl of noodles prevents me from taking a decent photo for my blog. So here are some non-steamy food pictures of grilled pork & shrimp over cold vermicelli and a grilled pork chop over rice. Not to mention one of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages: Thai iced coffee.

* Original post below on 9/3/11 *

You best believe that if there's a suggestion for a restaurant by a food celebrity, and it's within driving distance, I will do my best to go there.  Pho Ha was suggested by Top Chef Kevin Sbraga in an article for his top spots for good eats in the Philly area.  This place is remiscent of the places I used to hit in Queens and the prices cannot be beat.  I only wish I could post a photo of a bowl of pho on here... unfortunately, those bowls come out piping hot and my camera lens keeps fogging up.

Anyway, I've been here several times.  Just never got around to posting about it!

Pho Ha #1 on Urbanspoon

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