Darling's Diner

I've visited Darling's a couple of other times, but this last visit with my brother tagging along was fun because I got to sample his and my niece's dishes, too.  Plus, with more people to share with, we could order more than one dessert!  The Christmas colored cheesecake was deceiving because it looked like it would be minty, but it was just a white & dark chocolate mix.  Good thing we ordered the white chocolate raspberry again.

Also, I'll have to agree with my husband that it's not appetizing to see the chili photo with the fried jalapeƱo looking like a mouse!  But before he said this, of course I enjoyed it.  That's my niece's Philly cheesesteak wrap to the left.

* Original post below from 9/5/11 *

We love the Piazza in Philly, and now we're in love with Darling's Diner AT the Piazza.  Though my daughter can eat even in the non-kid-friendliest of places, on this particular night my friend and I wanted a place that would give her breakfast food, give me a salad, and give my daughter a kid's meal.  Dessert was also a must, so in this regard, Darling's really hit the spot.

The food was outstanding and that goes without saying.  What really made our late night meal so memorable was the chef himself.  Though Darling's muse is a sexpot retro pin-up, the man behind the scenes is rather teddy bear-like-- all smiles as he visits every table to make sure that everyone is having as jolly a time as he is.

My friend, ever the schmoozer, convinced the chef to pose for a photo with me and he was more than happy to do so.  In addtion to posing with me, the chef regaled us with stories of how his cheesecakes have evolved from using store bought graham crackers for crusts to baking his own sheets of cookies to crush into to even more homemade pie crusts.  And since I argued that the strawberry cheesecake below looked more like a mousse than cheesecake, the chef got down to explaining the science of getting actual cheesecake into the consistency of a mousse!

My daughter was so smitten with the chef, she insisted on joining us for the photo.  This gesture of hers is such a rarity that it speaks volumes of how we feel about Harry Darling of Darling's Diner.

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