Big Fish

It's a little sad that on our shared day off, my husband and I just end up at the mall.  But wait, maybe it's not so bad since the mall we ended up at was Market Fair.  It's a quiet and higher end mall, which means there aren't many folks to bump into.  We did a bit of shopping at the Gap and had coffee at Starbucks before moseying down to Big Fish. 

I went with with the Maryland crabcake entree rather than the sandwich, thinking the rice would be better than bread.  After trying their biscuit, I am changing this tune.  The crabcake was definitely the star of my plate, with the large chunks of crabmeat sitting atop a bed of crabcake infused with the fishy part of the crab that some people don't like very much (but I do!)  My husband got the potato encrusted tilapia which was surprisingly very good.  It was a fun mix of highbrow tender tilapia with lowbrow hash browns.

It was our first time here, and certainly won't be the last, though the price and slow service may keep us at bay for some time to come.  Since it's a large chain, there's definitely no use being friendly with the servers who don't give you much face time anyway.  It's stressful even thinking about going back with a game plan... like making sure you get your water and bread basket filled each time you see anybody, lest you want to sit there waiting a while between service like we did.

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