Time Cafe

I really loved this place.  It is aptly named.  My friend, her son, and I spent over three hours here, without feeling pressured to leave.  It was a perfectly lazy rainy Sunday afternoon, so it was perfect.

We had a big lunch starting with a humungous serving of fried calamari, followed by generous pasta portions (I had three cheese ravioli, my friend shared her seafood linguini with her son), and we finished with three scoops of vanilla ice cream puffed up with whipped cream, then drizzled with chocolate syrup.  It was actually the bottomless cups of coffee that extended our stay.

Aside from the food, I really loved the quietly quirky decor.  I know Time has been around a while, and so it has a nice lived-in feeling, as opposed to just being old (like mothball old).

I hope there is an occasion for me to take my family out to brunch in the near future!

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