Thai Basil

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Yet another surprising treat on Centennial Avenue not far from my new job.  Seriously, there are so many places to eat, I don't know if I'll ever get to all of them.  Now, old readers of mine will know I am not the biggest fan of Thai food, unless there is nice ambiance to carry me over.  Thai Basil surely did the trick for me: charming yet restrained decor, with bamboo mats, and this pretty little statue greeting you at the door.  And as expected, I wasn't wowed by the food, but that's okay.

I shared a regular pad thai and a crispy pad thai with a co-worker, and for old times' sake I also had a Thai iced coffee.  Nothing special about either dish, and I'd have preferred a sweet mee krob if I was going to do a crispy Thai noodle.  I also couldn't figure out what kind of milk they put in the coffee.  I am accustomed to having Thai coffee with condensed milk, or evaporated milk, and I sat there wondering if it was coconut milk or just plain sour milk.

But seriously, if anyone invites me for Thai again, I would go.  Sometimes I am superficial that way.  Just give me some eye candy via the decor, and my belly could care less.

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