Meeting Point

This was my first time north of River Road in Highland Park.  My first impression was that I didn't realize Highland Park was so happening!  I am continually amazed at the new parts of Jersey I can go to.

I listened to the recommendation of the waiter and went with the half roasted chicken, which took a few minutes longer than the burger my friend ordered.  It was definitely worth the wait as it was juicy and flavorful to the bone.

The ambiance was a bit stale, but thankfully the service was upbeat and friendly.  The table next to us had higher expectations, though-- they got up and left because their soda was flat and they "just were not feeling it."  My friend said it may have some old decor from the restaurant's previous life as Charlie Brown's.

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CRS said…
I've been wondering about this place since I saw them shortly before opening; we live nearby but haven't made it yet.

If you are in the area again, check out Dish Cafe; it's one of my favorite restaurants ever.