Chuckles Pizza & Pasta

Our friends moved about 10 miles south to Lawrenceville, which gave me an opportunity to try their local pizza spot.  We ordered our food to go after swimming and picked it up, as Chuckles does not deliver.  Anyway, I didn't mind the trip so we could actually see if it was worth going back to for a sit-down meal.  It was definitely a cute little place that I could imagine us going to for a casual family dinner.

We ordered a large pie with half pepperoni and half olives, a 12" cheese steak, and an eggplant rollentine appetizer.  The total was just $28.  Back at our friends's house, we also had freshly picked purple tomatoes, carrots, squash, and green beans, which were nice complements to the meal.

The pizza and cheesesteak were typical, but I really liked the eggplant which was stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella, and sitting on spinach and sauce.  It may be worthwhile to try the eggplant as a dinner next time, which is served with bread, soup/salad, and pasta.

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