Americana Diner

We waited so long for a friend to meet us for dinner that our choices were getting slimmer and slimmer.  We went from planning a return to Osteria which closes at 10pm, then PJ Pancakes which closes at 12 midnight, to diners which are open until 1am or later or 24 hours a day.

Good thing that Jersey is known for its diners so because our friend is visiting from the boonies of Long Island, NY, we thought we'd take him to one of the nicest diners our area has to offer.  We had only been to Americana Diner once before, but at that time it was also a last-minute decision, and I just remember that the food choices were plenty and the food itself was good.

My husband got the char-grilled chicken breast sandwich (pesto with mozzarella), our friend got a burger, our daughter got a grilled cheese with grapes, and I went with a hot cocoa and rice pudding (with whipped cream on both).  No complaints from the table, and my husband was quite pleased with his chicken.  The service was also really good with our old-school waiter.

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