La Parrilla de Manila

The parking spot for two (one regular, one handicapped)... is what greeted us when we went to check out La Parrilla de Manila.  So that is what will greet you here in this post.  (Hopefully it will make you snicker a bit, like it did for us.)

Anyway, despite me being the new kid on the block at my job, I actually discovered this place in New Brunswick, which none of the other Filipinos at work knew about.  (I also suggested this place to UrbanSpoon... so that's two points for me!)

I urged my family to take me out to lunch because it was so hot, and I wanted to be picked up in an already air-conditioned car!  But then it was not very air-conditioned inside the restaurant, so I just likened it to being in the Philippines with fans whirring and the Filipino channel buzzing in the background.  The place is informal with just four tables and counter service, but because it's been a while since we've enjoyed good Filipino food, it was a treat despite the inconveniences.

La Parrilla's prices are really great across the board, and cost less than $30 for four of us.  We got two orders of tocino with egg, one order of lumpiang shanghai, one order of fresh lumpia, one pork BBQ stick to try, and all three kinds of rice: plain, garlic fried, and java.  Everything was made so well, that we couldn't stop praising the food, and what won me over the most was the fresh lumpia, which is the first restaurant-prepared kind that is closest to the way my grandma makes it.  Needless to say, I have found a new favorite place to go to when I want authentic Filipino comfort food... and it doesn't hurt that the staff are so darn friendly!

(Top pic: the way it is served. Bottom pic: the way it should be served, with fresh garlic and special sauce drizzled on top.)

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