Kiwi joins a new crop of dessert shops dedicated to frozen yogurt, as a lighter, healthier option to ice cream.  They measure calories and price in ounces, typically 20-25 calories per ounce and 49 cents per ounce.  I didn't see calorie counts on the toppings, which are also priced per ounce, so if you're counting calories, either you can risk it by getting them or skip them altogether.  They allow for small tastings and it is self-serve, so try a few before committing to your flavors.  You pay for what you get and it is self-serve, so you can mix & match, go crazy or go conservative.  My daughter and I had banana & watermelon with coconut shavings in our first round, then red velvet & cheesecake with sprinkles in the second round.  All of the above were delicious.

I'm glad these types of shops exist for youth to hang out in at night, as a diversion from more adult hangout spots, like bars!

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