Kaliente Mexican Grill

My husband wanted rice, so I suggested Mexican.  We had never tried the Thai or Mexican place across from his favorite, Ivy Garden, so I convinced him to go to Kaliente Mexican Grill because it seemed like a place where three of us could sit, with just one eating (my daughter and I had already eaten at a birthday party).  A quick glance at the menu showed an odd mix of Mexican fare, such as quesadillas and burritos (pictured above), and at the far end, there were burgers, gyros, and onion rings.  Then as if that wasn't odd enough, there were Indian snacks on the other side, like samosas, and drinks, like mango lassi (which I had).  My husband couldn't make out if he liked his burrito or not, as he felt there were foreign spices in it that should not be in a burrito.

And now I don't know if I should invite my Mexican-loving friends here!  Though a big sell is the $8 burrito...

(please pardon the iPhone photos!)

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