It shouldn't be too hard to find late night foods in Philly, but on this particular night after watching fireworks, it seemed we couldn't decide on/find a place to eat.  Mostly it was our appetites' faults.  My daughter was hungry, and my friend and I were not.

So we walked along in the fairly quiet night despite it being a holiday weekend.  We settled on Jones, which could be classified as an upscale diner.  Its color scheme of retro blue and orange (which was hard to decipher at first) is reminiscent of my other favorite, upper-scale diner in Queens.  (Who knew that diners can now be classified as chains, dives, upper-scale, and upscale?)

Anyway, my daughter got the kid version of grilled cheese, I got a calamari salad, and my friend had a side salad with her tuna tacos.  The calamari was delightful, though not as plentiful as I'd like.  The chipotle dressing was fun, though I am getting over chipotle (here & other places).  There weren't any complaints at the table, so I guess it was okay.

Two things I really appreciated were the open kitchen and the fun bathing beauties mural behind the bar.  One thing I really hated was the dim lighting.  It felt like the neighborhood experienced a power outage and we had to make do with candlelight.

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