El Dorado (formerly One South)

I've eaten here a few times when it was One South, but sadly never blogged about it.  Several months go by, and all of a sudden it's called El Dorado with a different menu.  I think the owner is the same, but aside from that the place has gotten an extreme makeover from being a contemporary American restaurant to a Tex-Mex joint complete with fiesta atmosphere and Mexican mascot.

The menu was cheaply priced and it was too good to be true (that good looking food is a front!)  Our server was pleasant but for some reason kept forgetting to give us spoons.  We had to ask her to take the coffee off our bill because it was so rancid, my friends could not even get through one sip.  The refried beans were bad.  The chicken was dry.  The cheese congealed like only cheap cheese can.  And the soup tasted like it came from a can, yet took the longest to come out.

We are willing to come back because there's no long wait like there is at Jose Tejas.  And we can always play it safe by sticking to beer and nachos during happy hour, out on the picnic tables.  Can't go wrong with that!

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