Continental Restaurant & Martini Bar

Hot child in the city!

Despite the record breaking heat, I was determined to keep a dinner date with my friend.  After going to a BBQ in Jersey, dropping off & picking up loved ones in NYC, I zipped back to Jersey then Philly to keep to my plan.  Parking was rather hard, so we parked in Washington Square and took a walk in Society Hill in search of a place to eat.  Walking in the concrete jungle in Philly on a Saturday night, approaching midnight, was like some sort of sociology observation, and I felt like an outsider in my "conservative" knee-length dress and flats.  Every other creature of the female gender was wearing skyscraper hooker heels and micro-ultra-skinny-mini dresses.  We waited eagerly to witness someone tripping over in their heels... and hello, good things come to those who wait!  My friend could not hold in her snickers.

We tumbled into a handful of places... too loud, too fancy, too pricey, closing too early, and even happened upon a place who stopped serving food because of a power outage on the block.  We circled back to Market Street where we had passed Continental, assuming it was "just another diner."  We decided we were too tired, too sweaty, too parched, and hungry to continue our search, so we plopped in the first booth of Continental, and instantly were amazed by the smart decor that included giant olives as pendant lamps.  It turned out that Continental is a restaurant serving Asian fusion cuisine and doubles as a martini bar.

I appreciated that 5 oz. draft beer was an option, so I went with a pale ale.  We shared both dishes, starting with Korean BBQ pork tacos and ended with Thai chicken noodles.  There was lettuce buried under the noodles, and after tossing, it served up a light, yet filling meal, and was highly appropriate for the weather.  Their dessert menu was also very inviting, but we passed on it tonight.

I wish I could include some pictures of the hoochie mamas we encountered on the street, but alas my gossiping about here will just have to do.

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