Coffee & Cupcakes on Witherspoon Street

After a disappointing dinner, we had disappointing dessert, but thankfully had some good coffee at least. We picked up individual treat at House of Cupcakes, which boasted being the winner of Cupcake Wars, which inflated our hopes for satisfying our sweet teeth.  I had the blueberry kind, whose full tray of cupcakes should've warned me of its underwhelming taste.  The cake part was so tiny and tasted like it came out of a pre-made mix, and definitely wasn't worth over $2.  I saw the pupcakes for dogs on my way out and wondered if my blueberry cupcake wasn't misplaced.  Also, their seating area just wasn't inviting so we headed next door to Small World.

I had been to the Nassau Street location of Small World, and at that time my husband was being a coffee snob and vowed never to come back there.  I'd never been to the Witherspoon location, and being sans husband, I was brave to check it out with my friends.  I had an iced coffee which was refreshing, but even more refreshing was the decor with plenty of things for my wandering eyes to gaze upon.

Thank goodness for second chances because I had fun this time and I'd like to go back.

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