Chand Palace

This is my second lunch buffet in the area of my new job, and I hear there's more to try elsewhere.  Though I don't know how good the rest will be, since I hear Chand Palace sets the gold standard.  Lunch was $10 and they include gratuity already in the tab.  Others included for no nonsense dining is dessert and special drink of the day (today was lemonade).  Also, there is usually at least one fusion dish (today was fried noodles, which I skipped, and peanut brittle at the dessert station, which also included mango pudding and sweet soaked donuts.)

By the way, this place is totally vegetarian!  Though one might not notice it, considering the variety of dishes the serve.  The "meatiest" of them all was something that could have been tofu or cheese, but I was too embarrassed to ask, lest I look like an ignoramus.  I ate everything on my plate and wished I could go back for more, but alas my lunch break was fast ending.

(pardon the iPhone photos!)

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