Cafe Havana

We went to Brentwood, Long Island, to pick up a kitten from a friend's house, so if we were going to drive that far, we may as well eat really good food.  My husband has been hounding me for Cuban food since I left him out of our last trip to La Gloria.  Luckily, Cafe Havana was not that far in Smithtown.

You would never guess that this quiet are of Smithtown would have anything like this to offer.  You pull up and you are greeted with neon palm trees promising a fun time.  Inside is pumping with old school house music mixed with Latin ballroom, but sadly the dance floor, even with its bright disco lights, was empty.  The dining area was 3/4 full of diners nearing midnight.  Staff was friendly and attentive.  We dove right into the menu and ordered skirt steak, mofongo, pernil, and black bean rice, while my son went with a Cuban burger.  He probably thought he was playing it safe, but I'm sure he didn't mind the Cuban flair.

If this place wasn't so far, I'd definitely come back.  Maybe when our friend's cat gives birth to more kittens, I will get a chance to return to Cafe Havana.

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