Brick House Tavern & Tap

I was hoping for some teambuilding at my new job because I am the new kid on the block, and was hoping to gel with my new people.  Since it is also a new program, I was hoping to drum up & share my excitement with the rest of the team.  We are still not a complete set of staff, so I have just been shadowing other folks and completing mandatory & supplemental trainings, but teambuilding has not been on the list thus far.

Enter happy hour on a Thursday evening, on a last-minute invite from a co-worker.  My husband was at the beach with my daughter, and the pattern has been that neither my husband nor myself are expected to cook dinner during this time of the week, so I accepted the invitation happily.  Upon arrival at Brick House, I realized this just might be the kind of informal teambuilding I was looking for.  After all, you can't take yourself too seriously with the Brick House staff (think Hooters).  I'm 99% sure this place was not named after the exposed brick of the building.

We all laughed and talked loudly over one round of drinks.  We shared four types of appetizers which were both typical (cajun fries, pretzel sticks) and extraordinary (zucchini curls, blue cheese chips).  We learned more about each other than we perhaps cared to know.  And with me snapping away like a food nazi, there was no room for any doubt  as to who loves food most among the bunch.

(We sat in outside where it was quieter, great for "teambuilding"!)

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