Triumph Brewery

I'd been to Triumph a couple of times before, but mostly it was to take visiting family & friends to the only bar I knew (at the time).  My brother complained that it was bottom-of-the-barrel brew, and there was no way of telling him otherwise.  I'm not much of a connoisseur myself, and just delighted in the $8.50 sampler, mainly because it was fun, colorful, and yes, cheap.

Tonight, I was fortunate to try the other prize that Triumph has to offer-- its food.  My coworkers and I could not be lushes on a worknight, so the ratio of food to alcohol had to be greater.  We started out with fried green tomatoes (which went harmoniously with the itty bitty greens on top), the pork belly quesadillas (which tasted good, but the pork fell flat for me), and we each had our own sandwiches.  One ordered lamb sausages, two ordered grilled chicken with egg on top, and I had-- what else-- a pork belly sandwich.  It's rare to find pork belly featured on the menu, so of course I had to have my fill of that.

While my companions sipped on wine, I opted for the berry beer served in a snifter.  It was pronounced fram-bwah, and it was mighty good.  Though it was quite girly, it may just be the beer that would redeem Triumph Brewery in the eyes of my brother.

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