Think Williamsburg and Battery Park City all rolled up in one and you'll get the Piazza in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia.  My eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store upon setting foot on North 2nd Street and Germantown Avenue.  First, there were old parts of buildings refashioned into benches and then my eyes meandered to the awe-inspiring architecture that is narrow at the entry and widens into an urban oasis.  I told my friend, who celebrated her birthday today, that this big nook inside the former ghetto of Philly must have had a very savvy urban planner because it married the old & new buildings just perfectly.

After circling the restaurants that resides in the Piazza, we decided to eat at PYT, which boasts an eclectic west-coast style menu of burgers and sandwiches.  We opted to sit outside to get the full effect of the Piazza, and because it was too loud inside.  The waitresses and hostess were all so cute with their converse sneakers and knee-highs, and long, shaggy 'dos.  There was also a live band playing at one point.  It was very busy and there was a lot attacking the eyes and the ears, but in a good way.

The burger patties could be made from beef, lamb, chicken, to veggie, depending on your mood, but where was the pork?  My friend had the pistachio-encrusted lamb burger, my son had the chicken burger with bacon & avocado, my daughter had the TBC without the T (just bacon & cheese), and as I had promised a vegetarian co-worker that I would scope out the vegetarian menu, I went with the Calibunga burger made with white beans and basil.  Seriously, everyone was so happy with their order that we nearly forgot to offer one another a taste (as is customary for us) and there was a prolonged moment of silence as we chomped down.

As for sides, I got the onion rings which were so soggy by the time they got to me (service was super-uber slow, and unforgiveable) so I will skip those next time.  The chips were light and peppery at once, so that was a treat.  I didn't even bother with the pickles.  I'd also like to have a beer next time, when my husband is driving and I don't have work the next day.  And I'm definitely directing my friends and family here.  Yes, I'm rambling now.  Because it's just that good here.

*I'm including a photo of the bathroom here because it's cute and it's co-ed.  It was a bit jarring for my daughter to be washing her hands next to men, but she got over it.
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