Not My Photo

(photo grabbed from Google)

If you can believe it, I didn't take a photo of my sopapillas at On the Border tonight.  It's not that I forgot, it's that I completely thought it was unnecessary and just skipped it.  But then it was such a fun last-minute meet-up with my friend, that I thought I'd just write about it.

Service was slow, so this OTB location does not get any kudos.  But the waiter didn't charge me for my coffee, probably because he felt bad that I was making my own iced coffees by ordering a regular coffee and asking for a glass of ice.  It would've been easier if they just offered iced coffees on their menu because they go perfectly with their dessert menu (minus the apple crisp).

Back to the sopapillas... I ordered the small version, which is $1.99 for 2, and came with both a honey and a chocolate dip-- though I think I was only supposed to get one.  It took me almost two hours to finish my tiny dessert because the conversation was savory as the sopapillas were sweet.

Anyway, if you're listening, OTB... please add iced coffees to your menu.  You can earn a pretty penny while you're at it by tacking on an extra dollar, or two!

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